Monday, October 09, 2006

Leonard Brumm: Carlson Brothers' 1st Pro Coach

Leonard "Okie" Brumm has many accomplishments in the world of hockey. Brumm played at the University of Michigan from 1947-1950 and won a NCAA Championship. From there he played for the Marquette Sentinels of the Northern Michigan- Ontario Hockey League. Then Brumm played several seasons in the USHL He skated for the Waterloo Blackhawks, Des Moines Oak Leafs and Marquette Iron Rangers in the 1960's and 1970's. Brumm was usually filled the role of player-coach for the the teams .
But it gets more interesting. From 1953-1957, the Wisconsin resident was hired to be the first Director of Athletics for the Marquette State Prison. Of course, he started the first ever prison hockey team that went 35-15-8.
It gets better. From 1982-1987, Brumm organized the Kuwait National Ice Hockey League.
During the 1973-74 season as coach of the Marquette Iron Rangers, Brumm gave the Carlson Brothers of 'Slapshot' fame their first professional hockey opportunity.


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